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Tree Pruning

Properly maintained trees and shrubs can:

  • Increase your property value by as much as 15-20%
  • Prevent hazards to your property as well as to your neighbor’s
  • Promote a healthy and vigorous yard
  • Increase light into your house and yard
  • Prevent disease

Horizon Arborist specializes in the following pruning styles:

Fruit Trees:
Ornamental style – prune to encourage blossoms and the natural beauty of the tree.
Orchard style – prune to promote better fruit quality and strength in the tree.

Prune out approximately 20% of the limbs to allow air and sunlight to all parts of the tree for a clean and healthy tree or shrub. Most dead wood and all diseased wood is removed during this process.

Prune to contain the size of a tree or shrub for a certain area or prune to a certain shape to accent your yard.

Disease Control:
In most cases, fungi and diseases in trees can be removed by simply cutting it out to prevent spreading to the rest of the tree.

Hedge Trimming:
Prune to maintain the size, health, and shape of the hedge.